This is proof that we can make great products by reusing what is otherwise considered waste.

Since our collaboration with the Dutch Circular Cotton Initiative started, we’ve been working on developing our own sustainable fabric for the sweaters we designed – existing in at least 40% post-consumer waste. We started this because we want to challenge ourselves, but also challenge the industry!

The production chain

So, we’re innovating and pioneering,, because the current production chain isn’t organized to produce fabrics with a high percentage of post-consumer cotton. We need to align companies that collect, sort, shred, spin and knit. Also, we need to find them willing to do this experiment with us. They need to alter their processes, take risks with us while maintaining high quality standards and all based on relatively low production quantities. All in Europe.

Fortunately, we found enough partners that share our mission…

Our one of a kind beanie is made with 40% post consumer cotton and scraps from our recycled polyamide leggings

Optimism, perseverance and creativity

We’re running tests with small amounts of materials to find the right way of working with our partners and to develop the best blend in terms of applicability on machines, quality for our end-users and sustainability. The first yarn that we produced in this process contains 40% post-consumer recycled cotton, 40% cotton and 20% lyocell.

We proudly present the first tangible result of this experiment. A very special, one of a kind beanie. To add a touch of SUPERNOVA, we used scraps from our leggings as labels, making each one unique.

So there you go: a very limited edition beanie that symbolizes optimism, perseverance and creativity!

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