Fitgirls in all shapes and sizes

Sportswear sample sizes XS-XL ready for fitting

After a call for fitgirls (literally – girls that would come fit our sportswear), we started preparations for the coolest SUPERNOVA Sportswear event until now! It started with a table full of tops and leggings in all sizes, a gym full of enthousiastic women, recycled beanies and most of all: positive energy! Our goal: gather the final feedback on fit, fabric and design of our tops and leggings.

Checking the fit

“This is already my new favorite sportsbra, I don’t want to take it off”

Before trying on our garments, we took the measurements of our fitgirls (chest, waist, hips, legs and height) and asked them about their normal size. With a range in heigth of 150 to 180 cm and sizes XS to XL, we covered many shapes and all available sizes. After picking their size and colourway, our models would put on the garments and move around in them.

SUPERNOVA Sportswear on different shapes and sizes

They answered some questions about the fit of the garments and we also asked about their favourite colourway (all-over print, asymmetric or mixed). All this information helped us finalize the fit and patterns for our tops and legging.

“I love how I’m rocking the all-over print!”

We found that all women loved the designs, either all-over or asymmetric. All combinations were chosen as favorites, which shows us the mix-and-match idea works! Also, the fabric (recycled polyamide) was received very well. No changes needed there!

Outcome and next steps

First of all, we were very energized by the enhusiasm of all these women that took the time to come over, help us test and give us feedback. Based on all the feedback we received, we will do some small alterations to the pattern of the top and leggings to make the fit even better.

Pattern before the fitting
Pattern after fitting feedback

For example, we’ll slightly adjust the height of both the top and the legging, to improve the fit on different body types.

The good news: based on this fitting, we don’t need another sample round, so we will start preparing for our crowdfunding campaign! Stay tuned.

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